Thursday, July 13, 2017

Report Card

We have completed one year of living together. Since we did not know each other for long before we got married, the question of compatibility didn't come up at that time. But now, this analysis is very much possible. In this post, I'm going to check and impartially analyze our compatibility on the basis of 11 extremely carefully (read: randomly) chosen points, each carrying 1 mark.

I am Scorpio, he is Leo. As they say, our partnership in astrology is like the combination of fire and water, leading to either extinguishing of the fire or evaporation of water, or both. I mildly follow astrology and he disbelieves it to the point of ridiculing it. Two weeks before our wedding date, my mom got the idea of checking our horoscopes with an astrologer. And the results were pretty disappointing. As per astrology, we are a bad, bad match. Scary, right? Rather than giving up on him, I decided to give up on my faith in astrology. Anyway, we get a 0 here.

Both of us are emotional, touchy and sensitive. I love talking, he is a good listener. I am very short tempered, but I also cool down easily. He takes things lightly most of the times, but once triggered, he becomes overly stubborn and fixed, and difficult to handle. I overthink things, he keeps his head clear of extra information. In one year of marriage, we have locked horns a lot of times, mostly on petty things. But since both of us value harmony in life, we have also been open to solve our issues. I become poetic and sentimental during the arguments, while he keeps things logical and rational. Some of our fights are seriously funny. I’d give us 0.5 in the personality match.

He is quite extravagant with food, clothing and pretty much everything he likes (bought a DSLR because I like getting clicked). I am, on the other hand, very parsimonious (except for occasional outbursts on online shops). I think this keeps things balanced. A full score of 1 to us on this one.

Trust and Loyalty
Loyalty is important to both of us. However, I will have to admit I am an innately suspicious and curious person. I don’t trust that easily, and sometimes that bothers him a lot. He is quick to trust, very vulnerable at times. He does not exactly seem to have a roving eye, but he does admire beauty, more than I can handle sometimes. If I wear short dresses, he does not object but kind of gets upset. That being said, we do trust each other more than we used to. I’d give 0.75 to us in this one.

Food and Fitness
We are both moderately health conscious. And we keep motivating each other to stay fit. He is a food lover through and through, and I have a bad habit of counting calories before eating. He loves non-vegetarian food (he ATE rabbit and duck meat too, oh no!), and I am strictly vegetarian (tried to eat eggs under his influence, but couldn’t do so for long). Some challenges are inevitable when we dine out, but the good thing is we let each other be in this area. For no complaints and force conversions from either side, I’d give us 1 in this area.

I am an idealist, a hopeless romantic. I had always dreamed of love worthy of Gods. The truth is he IS also romantic. Just that he hides it (says something extremely sentimental and then laughs it off immediately). I am okay with him hiding it. It gives me a chance to read his mind.

Social Media
I love to have an online presence. I also enjoy social media networking, which is why I am on almost every social media portal- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter- you name it! He is just the opposite- hates Facebook and Instagram, follows selected writers and football dudes on twitter (never tweets), is on LinkedIn for namesake. He likes to keep his life private. I feel guilty of being overly glitzy in comparison to him at times. He does not mind me enjoying social media (makes fun of me though). And I like the fact that he stays away from all the flashiness and showiness on social media. In fact, I secretly respect him for that. Maybe we get a 0.75 here.

Not saying that we are very intellectual, but our intellectual levels decently match. Our conversations are rarely dumb and non-sense. In fact, at times the arguments get unreasonably reasonable. We should get a 1 here.

Both of us love travelling. In our free time, we often discuss the places we can visit and plan trips. We have travelled quite a lot in the past one year. It would be good to give us a 1 in this one.

Taste in Art
We have quite a different taste in music, but we don’t find each other’s taste bad. He is a movie buff (has watched almost every Hollywood movie you can think of), I not so much. He only watches quality cinema (checks IMDb and rotten tomatoes ratings, film critique reviews, etc.), I am okay with watching bad movies that star my favorite actors. The common preferred genera are sci-fi, horror and comedy. But I prefer romantic and drama over VFX superhero stuff, and he is just the opposite. 0.75 in this one.

Domestic Chores
Here’s one guy who helps his wife in the kitchen, does dishes when the house help takes off, washes clothes on weekends and brings grocery on the way back home, at times at a short notice. Perfect 1 to us, because of him.

Disclaimer: This marriage compatibility report card was strictly written from my perspective. He didn’t agree with some parts. Then again, we have never really got full agreement on anything yet.

P.S. The penner is too tired of calculating the final score. If you have managed to read it till here, why don’t you do it for her? Please? Okay, Bye.

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